Monday, 28 December 2015

Self Confidence & False Humility

Hey guys! 
So today I wanted to share with you a video ramble I made...about a month ago but never uploaded it, so here it is! It is concerning a topic I hear so many Christians, especially on social media, talking about other Christians being prideful in their self-confidence. I'd been formulating a video or blog post-type response about that whole situation, when I read a few parts in 'The Supernatural Ways Of Royalty' by Kris Vallotton & Bill Johnson. What they wrote, so beautifully explained what I was trying to say, but couldn't get it out quite so articulately. And so, without further ado, let's get to the video so I don't write out everything here, that I said in there
I would definitely recommend buying 'The Supernatural Ways Of Royalty'. I have never come across a more spiritual-world-rocking book, than this guy. It's pure gold.

Friday, 18 December 2015

Back In Time - Danny Kaye Moments

You may or may not have heard of Danny Kaye- an immensely talented entertainer from the golden age of hollywood. When we all need a laugh- which is quite regularly, let's face it- searching up video clips with Danny Kaye can bring around some pretty good laughing sessions. So, we get comfy on the couch, turn on airplay (to stream what's on our phone screens onto the TV) & watch some of these goodies.  
The amount of improv this guys does is just...brilliant. So, without further adieu, please enjoy some witty humour this wintry Friday evening! 

The Pellet With The Poison
Some awesome tongue twisters in this one :) 

Irish Drinking Song
Improv glory, & I love the fact that there is a story to follow, not just random gibberish (although at first I thought it was- but there is a story attached) 

Gypsy Drinking Song
A bit long winded, but I promise it is clever as the rest! 

Conducting A Symphony 
For any musical people out there, you will find this amusing- & even those not seriously into music- I hope you can get a laugh out of this too! 

Again, so entertaining, and with a story to follow to boot! I thought it was random gibberish the first time I saw this, then I started catching on to the story. 

Improv Languages 
Short & glorious- entirely gibberish (unless someone who speaks French, German or Italian confirms any of this is legit, lol) & hilarious. 

Stage-Fright & Allergies
Start playing this one at 2:30 :)   

Five Little Pennies 
While not a funny clip, this one just takes the cake and melts my heart. A good way to end things adorable land <3

Seen any of these clips? What did you think? I hope you enjoyed them & got some endorphins a'runnin'!