Sunday, 23 June 2019

Fallout \\ Release Day!

Wahooo!! It's release day for my first novel outside of the Hands of Time series----Fallout!

Here's the back cover blurb: 

Four months of torture in an undisclosed location. 

Four months of silence. 

Four months of praying she won’t lose her mind and give away secrets she’s fought so hard to keep. 

Avery Kent escapes with her life, but she is pursued deep into the heart of the British Columbia wilderness by the men who almost took her life—and shattered her mind. 
After wandering for two days in the mountains, she stumbles upon a cabin—but little does she know that the man inside is not the sheltering protector he claims to be. 

Haunted by his past, former CAF soldier Dakota Fontaine is trying to mind his business and keep his head down when a woman stumbles onto his property and collapses, wearing only a hospital gown and a tattered sweater. 
As he nurses the battered woman back to health, he wonders at the way she talks in her sleep but won’t say a word when she’s awake. But Dakota knows better than most that the art of coercion isn’t always violent. Torture isn’t the only way to ferret out a person’s secrets, and he is confident of one thing; Avery Kent will confide in him, one way or another. 

Just as Avery begins to trust Dakota, an unlikely encounter sends her fleeing back into the heart of the city where it all began. 
On the hunt to collect the stash of lethal evidence that will take down her attackers, once and for all, the flashbacks grow stronger, and her grip on reality continues to falter. 
Avery knows the chances of losing her mind before she can bring down her captors, are high—and deadly—and she’s not up to the challenge. 

But she’ll die trying. 

Where to buy Fallout? 
Amazon, naturally, where you can find it in both Kindle & Paperback form (both are linked, so just click on the one you want). 
**For the first few weeks, Fallout is also priced super low at $11.99 for the paperbacks, $2.99 for the ebook version! I mean, what's not to like about that? You can get a super wild ride of a read, for practically the price of two Starbucks's drinks!**

Phew! That was an intense ride of writing, editing, and getting Fallout into the hands of readers, in just over a year! To date, I've never completed a project so fast--and it felt like a crazy whirlwind, but the good kind. 

You know when the first idea for Fallout was sparked? 
Well, I'd just finished reading Lynette Noni's 'Whisper' and I was gobsmacked--in a good way--and my imagination started floating down the plot river of a woman who doesn't speak, but has this crazy intense secret (because that is the premise of Whisper). Obviously, I'd read Whisper and how Noni took that plot in the direction she did, but I thought to myself--"There are SO MANY PLOT POSSIBILITIES coming from a mute woman with secrets" so what did I do? I started brainstorming, and--BAM! Fallout was born. 
I love how inspiration begets inspiration! So thanks, Lynette, for piquing my interest and, #1--writing Whisper & blowing my mind, and #2--giving me that one-line inspiration to write an entire book, just from the "mute woman with crazy secrets" concept. 

That's all for now! If you read Fallout, make sure to leave a rating and/or review on Amazon & Goodreads--those make me so happy. 

And for those of you who like videos, I made one of those for you too! Tadaaaaa :) 
Much love, 
-Ashley Nikole

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